1. What information does IITIIMShaadi collect from you?

We gather all the essential matrimonial related information from the users. This includes information related to self, family, contact information, education, employment, interests and also views on Partner Preferences.

2. With whom does the site share the collected information?

The information collected from our users is only shared with the activated users who have completed their respective profile. IITIIMShaadi does not sell or rent any identifiable information regarding its members to any third party. We are bound to share information with third party and cooperate when it is required by law or legal process to disclose required information for any investigation.

3. How will IITIIMShaadi contact you?

The IITIIMShaadi team will contact you from time to time to update you on various features and functionalities of the website. They will contact you on the information provided by you on telephone number(s), Email and Social networking sites.

4. Why do we collect UG/PG certificates?

To attempt that only genuine members participate. The certificates are only visible to administrator of the website. Whereas this precaution is being taken, yet we do not accept any legal responsibility on the veracity of these documents.

5. What are the various categories of members visiting our website ?

Visitors to our website can be categorized as:
• Guest Visitors
• Registered members (who have filled up less than 60% profile)
• Activated members (who have filled up 60% plus profile and also submitted supporting educational certificates and identification documents)
• Paid members (who have paid the fee to initiate communication with other activated members) • Premier Members (who have awarded us an offline assignment to hunt just the right match)

6. What is the information that guest visitors to our website can view/access, our members whose profiles have been activated ?

A guest visitor has no access to any information of activated members.

7. What are the details of an active member, which can be accessed by other active members ?

As a matter of fact all important details and photograph(s), such as:
• Basic Details like Marital Status, Height, Age etc
• Information about Religion, Mother Tongue, and Caste
• Details about Family, Educational Background and Job
• Other Miscellanous information pertaining to Health Issues etc.

8. What are the details of an active member, which cannot be accessed by other active (unpaid) members ?

We respect your privacy. Hence all the personal information is hidden even from activated members. This contains name of the potential Bride/Groom, UG/PG Certificate, Mail ID, Phone Number, Linked in URL, Residential Address.

9. What are the details that a paid member can see of other activated members (paid and unpaid both) ?

Paid members can see every important profile detail which includes Name, Phone Number, Email ID, Linkedin-ID etc. However, documents will not be visible to any member. A paid member can also send unlimited messages to any other member, whether paid or unpaid. Responding or not responding to the received private message is the prerogative of the recipient. There is a provision available for you to check if your message has been read or not (double tick, black and blue like you see in Whatsapp)

Note: We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on your comments or as a result of a change of policy in our company. In case we do not receive any response, it will be assumed that you have understood the privacy policy and good with it. If you have any questions/concerns regarding our Privacy Statement, please write in to