We have penned down some of the common questions that we come across.

1. What is IITIIMShaadi?

IITIIMShaadi is a matrimonial portal, only for the alumni of Premier Indian and international educational institutions.

2. Can only alumni of IIT and IIM register?

Not really. We welcome profiles from various premier institutions in all disciplines, may it be Management, Engineering Social Work, Medicine, Finance, Law, Fashion Design, Theater, Media Communication and you name it.

3. How do I know if my institute is included in your list of premier institutions or not?

a. Click on Register tab appearing on the home screen of the website.
b. Click on either male or female.
c. You shall get list of various disciplines (management, Engineering etc.) Choose the one applicable to you and see the list of shortlisted colleges identified for this purpose.

4. Is the list of colleges same for both males and females?

No, the list is marginally relaxed for females. Most premier colleges have more than double the number of males than females and sometimes male to female ratio at premier institutions is 5:1. For Females, we have also included a select list of graduation colleges on all India basis. (Note: See Others under Indian and city)

5. In Management Stream do you also accept executive /distance learning courses from the list of Indian institutions?

No, we accept registration only from alumni who have completed 2 years full time on campus management programmes from the specified institutions.

6. How do you make sure that only genuine members register on this website?

We obtain scanned copy of educational document (any document such as degree/diploma Certificate, I Card, web-link, final year mark sheet etc) at the time of registration. Submission of these documents is compulsory for any member before we activate his/her profile.

7. How do I access the database?

Once you are an active member (profile is complete and certificates are verified), you have access to the member database. You can fill in your own criteria on age, education, religion, caste and get to see profiles that meet your criteria.

8. Is it free to see database or one has to necessarily pay some fee to access same?

There is no fee for browsing the database. But, if you wish to communicate with shortlisted profiles through private message or sending friend’s message, you need to be a paid member.

9. What if I am not a paid member and someone sends me a message or friend request. Can I reply to him/her without being a paid member?

Yes, all our members can reply to a message or friend request even if they are not paid members.

10. What are the advantages of a paid membership?

Paid membership comes with the following benefits:

a. View full details of all profiles
b. View contact information including phone number and email
c. Send Messages and Friend Requests
d. Unlock New Search filters like height and permanent location
e. Unlock Quick Search through Id number or Keyword

11. How much is the fee to become a paid member?

We present following options


a. Rs. 15,900 + 18% GST = Rs. 18,762 (Validity:6 months from the date of payment)
b. Rs. 18,900 + 18% GST = Rs. 22,302 (Validity:1 year from the date of payment)
c. Rs. 27,900 + 18% GST = Rs. 32,922 (Validity:Lifetime Membership)


a. USD 249 (Validity:6 months from the date of payment) b. USD 299 (Validity:1 year from the date of payment) c. USD 439 (Validity:Lifetime Membership)

12. I am looking for personalised support to search a match. Can you provide active support?

Yes, you are welcome to avail our premier services, Click Here. This is handled by directors themselves. For full information, please write to us on taksh@IITIIMShaadi.com or call the founder director, Taksh at +91-9811199800

13. What if I am in final year of my education and I do not have certificates?

We are happy to accept scanned copy of your ID card/latest transcripts.

14. I face the problem of uploading certificates and photographs on IITIIMShaadi .

Kindly mail it to us at: documents@IITIIMShaadi.com. We shall upload the photographs on your behalf and also verify the certificates.

15. Can my certificates be seen by others viewing my profile?

No, they are required only for our internal verification.

16. Do you also suggest some matches based on a member’s profile?

We advise you to fill up partner’s preference while filling up the form. IITIIM has developed software, called, 'Dhappa'. This software pulls out from the database the profiles that match requirements indicated by you. We send you the details of maximum two matching profiles twice a week. This service is available on a free of cost basis.

17. What if I am not able to find my college?

No problem! You can mail us the details of both course and college at contact@IITIIMShaadi.com. We shall review its ranking and confirm if we are in a position to include it in the list or not.

18. As a paid member can I get refund of fees for the unused period of my subscription term?

Regret, there is no provision for refund of fee.

19. How large is your database?

Till date, we have over 2,50,000 plus individuals who have registered their profiles. Of these some have gotten married, and some did not submit documents for authentication.We have about 40,000 members are currently active and authenticated. Fresh database is growing up by more than 500 profiles every week. Being a niche site, we don’t ever expect a very large database. Our target is not to show you a large number of profiles. It is to show you extremely relevant ones